Ratheesh Nair Test

Another first time pass for Noelsdrivertraining driving school. Ratheesh Nair Ratheesh passed first time on the 16th at West Wickham test centre. Ratheesh was very nervous at first but regularly did his lessons, gaining confidence in his own ability to become a good safe driver. Although suffering from a shoulder injury from playing too much cricket, Ratheesh […]

David Stride Test

David Stride was the next pass this month for Noelsdrivertraining driving school. David was another first time pass at West Wickham test centre on the 15th. David was taught originally by his parents but realised he needed professional training to achieve a pass and to drive in a more up to date manner. he did very well […]

Alex Stephans test pass

Another success for Noelsdrivertraining driving school. Alex Stephans, editor of Music Teachers Magazine, passed first time on the 4th, no one was more surprised than his wife. he did very well and I enjoyed teaching him to drive, it was good fun.  

Stefan Green passes his driving test.

Another pupil from Noelsdrivertraining driving school. Stefan passed at West Wickham test centre at the beginning of the month. He was very nervous and although he was quite capable of passing with ease, I wasn’t sure he would do it, should have had more faith in his abilities. Stefan Green

Paul Jarvis test pass

Paul Jarvis passed his driving test today, as is usual, it was another first time pass for a Noelsdrivertraining pupil. Paul looked a little shocked at how quick the test had seemed, a common remark from pupils. As he is a carpenter, his license with a new van will certainly improve his earning potential plus […]

Claire Fretwell’s pass

It was Claire Fretwell’s turn to pass this week, following her sister Sarah who passed last year, no pressure then. Well done Claire, Examiner said it was a nice drive and had no doubt you were capable of driving safely on your own. Emma next for test and I hope that Janey gets the bug […]

Sarah’s Email

Had a contact from Sarah about some prices for midweek lessons, if you read this Sarah, sorry but I didn’t get an email address to return you enquiry. Can you fill your details in the contact page again and I will return straight away or you can message me on the phone number given. Thanks

Toyota Yaris Dead Battery

For all Toyota Yaris owners I had a problem with my Stop/Start system recently, it stopped operating. As this didn’t interfere with using the car I left it to sort out later. About 10 days later when it suddenly got frosty in the morning the battery died, dead as a DoDo, not a problem as it was […]